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Bike Navigation for your Smartphone.
Available for Android and iPhone.


BikeCityGuide 3.0 is here!

More Cities, Special Features, New Design

BikeCityGuide got a fresh paint. Find out more!

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Green Rocket

A big thank you to all investors!

We want to thank all of the investors who belief in our business model and want to be
part of our future. Together we will get more people onto the bike!
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Finn Smartphone Mount

Do you know Finn?

Our self developed smartphone mount, made in Austria. Learn more

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Point-to-point calculation of the most cycle friendly route (online)

Individually adjustable ride mode (easy to fast)

Available for more than 35 European cities


Get out of the city!

Find the best bike tours in your area and let yourself be guided to your destination.
BikeNatureGuide is a bike app for smartphones that is specially designed for cycling in rural areas.


Bike navigation without active data connection

The precise directions of BikeCityGuide tell you the most cycle-friendly way through the city, and it doesn’t even require an active data connection!

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