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And... drumroll... Android is here!

BikeCityGuide is now available in Google play store

Posted by Beni - 7 Comments

BikeCityGuide for Android

BikeCityGuide on Android

For a little more than a month, BikeCityGuide has been available for iOS and received very good reviews. We now proudly announce our app's start for Android.

As of now, BikeCityGuide is available for all Android phones in the Austrian Google play store. Android users can now too navigate through their city on the most cycle-friendly routes and explore  new cities by bike.

Donwload BikeCityGuide for Android

The Android app offers some cool new features: Unlike the iOS version BikeCityGuide for Android uses vector maps. With those maps, data can be stored much more efficiently. Therefore the city packs are much smaller than they are for iPhones and the maps can be displayed even clearer.

Furthermore it is possible to use the app and its vocal instructions while the phone is on stand-by. Another feature is the possibility of manually choosing your starting point. This is also planned for the next iOS update.


BikeCityGuide 1.1 for iPhone

We also recently released an update of the iOS version. It is now possible to listen to music on your iPhone while using BikeCityGuide. Also, some bugs were fixed and address searching and GPS handling were improved.

Download for iPhone


We hope, you have fun with the new app and the new features and enjoy cycling even more!


Justin Thomson,

Amazing App! As it's really good to know about the special features of this application. The exclusive source unviels the elegant way to explore new cities by bike. It's really looking the best option for Android Smartphone users after iOS users.

Rex Roof,

I'm in the united states and I'm interested in downloading your app! I'm also interested in the simple rubber bike mount I see in your Store link. Any chance I can order one here?

Beni - BikeCityGuide,

@ Przemek: The app is currently available in Austria, Germany and Switzerland. We will carry on launching in more countries, though. Friend us on facebook, follow us on Twitter or subscribe to our newsletter to find out, what's happening at BikeCityGuide.


Too bad it's not available for users outside Austria. Planning to visit Wien in August, but app is unreachable for my HTC Desire..


@Ben: We definitely like this proposal! @Stefan: We are working on routing profiles (secure, direct etc.). That should do what you're asking for.

Stefan Mackovik,

I agree: nice app, but I'm also missing options to choose if I want to use bike lanes, "normal" streets or streets with heavy (car) traffic.


Looking really good - compared a few routes with other apps/websites, and BCG was the only app that f.e. did NOT want me to risk my life on Vienna's Schlachthausgasse. ;) In my opinion, there's one major selling point missing, though.As far as I can tell, there's no way to know how bike-friendly a route actually is (bike lanes, shared lanes, back streets, aso.), which makes it hard to decide on whether to really go by bike or rather choose public transportation instead. Still love it so far!

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